scars of honor

Scars of Honor highlights visual progress on environments, weather effects, and models in June dev update

It's time for yet another monthly update from Scars of Honor, with developer Beast Burst Entertainment showcasing all of the visual update efforts made...

Scars of Honor shares development work on character models, graphics, UI, and its game world

Beast Burst Entertainment is resolved to keep players up-to-date on its work on the throwback WoW-like MMORPG Scars of Honor, which means that it's...

Scars of Honor shares ‘unfiltered’ player impressions and highlights chymera lore

The WoW-like MMORPG Scars of Honor is continuing to disseminate insight and information out of its February playtest. Followers of the project already heard...

Throwback MMO Scars of Honor posts a wrap-up video for its sixth playtest

Even though its Kickstarter fizzled earlier this month, throwback MMORPG Scars of Honor and its studio, Beast Burst Entertainment, continue to forge forward. In...

World of Warcraft-inspired Scars of Honor’s latest video sure is something

Last week, after Scars of Honor's $200K Kickstarter ended unsuccessfully, the Bulgarian team, which had fallen silent through most of the campaign, quickly revived...

Throwback MMORPG Scars of Honor’s $200K Kickstarter bid ends unsuccessfully

Exactly a month ago, Bulgarian startup studio Beast Burst Entertainment began a $200,000 Kickstarter for its MMORPG Scars of Honor, and as of this...

Scars of Honor is a throwback to the ‘golden age’ of MMOs with a $200K Kickstarter

Another day, another MMO that seeks to "bring back the golden age of the genre." But will the emerging Scars of Honor capture the...