Scars of Honor shares ‘unfiltered’ player impressions and highlights chymera lore


The WoW-like MMORPG Scars of Honor is continuing to disseminate insight and information out of its February playtest. Followers of the project already heard how things went from the studio’s point of view, but now Beast Burst Entertainment is giving players a bully pulpit in its latest video, which features voice quotes from fans who were there.

This self-described “unfiltered” “reality check” look at player impressions mostly accentuates on the positive, as many players are quoted with effusive praise about the game’s general sense of polish, the variety in class specs, and its old school leanings (for varying definitions of what is “old school” to these fans). There are some bare few complaints that are brought up about PvP queuing, bugs, and developer communication, so whether this unfiltered footage has some filtering going on or not will likely be up to personal interpretation.

Meanwhile, the studio has put up a lore blog that focuses on a monster known as a chymera. This skull-faced hellbeast apparently was the result of experiments by the Undead to create a guard dog; when sales of the beast proved to be a failure due to the chymera’s aggression, they were dropped onto an isolated island in hopes that they would die off, but instead they adapted and now threaten Orc-held lands.

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