New indie MMO Legendarium Online claims inspiration from Ultima Online and Tolkien


Like a prairie dog popping its head above ground to check out the scene, a new indie MMORPG suddenly emerged to make its presence known. This would be Legendarium Online, a “full-loot sandbox” that claims inspiration from Ultima Online, World of Warcraft, and J.R.R. Tolkien. Hey, swing big or go home, right?

The solo Ukrainian developer said that this is a “meticulously crafted” MMO designed to be an “immersive medieval” experience. Legendarium Online eschews classes in favor of 140 skills from which players can elect to pursue. The title also boasts non-target combat, crafting, housing, and — if the “full-loot” didn’t tip you off — open world PvP.

“Prepare to be amazed by the sheer depth of character development in Legendarium Online,” the dev said. “With more than a hundred different skills to master (from Animal Taming to Treasure Hunting; Peacemaker to Stealing, etc.), your character’s progression knows no bounds. Forge your own path as you hone your combat prowess, delve into the arcane arts, become a master of diplomacy, or specialize in unique professions that unlock hidden secrets of the world.”

Currently the title is in pre-alpha early access on Steam, with a new build coming later this year. It’s also going to be fully free-to-play with no shop or commercial sales.

Source: Steam, Reddit
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