Dungeons and Dragons Online debuts new Vecna Unleashed raid


Ready to roll for initiative? You’re going to need all the edge you can get to tackle Dungeons and Dragons Online’s newest raid, which arrives with Update 61.1 this Wednesday.

“A new raid is now available for everyone who has access to Vecna Unleashed,” Standing Stone Games said. “Fire Over Morgrave is a Legendary difficulty raid at level 32 […] Vecna has hatched a plot to strike back for your recent meddling in his plans! He has enlisted a Balor General and given him access to Ebberon, promising the demon a new world to conqueror! Stop Vecna’s plan for revenge!”

In addition to this high-level raid, DDO tossed in a whole lot of Vecna Unleashed bug fixes and made balance adjustments to many of the game’s enhancement trees. Ninja Spies were impacted the most, although it looks to be mostly positive changes.

Source: DDO
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