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Dungeons and Dragons Online delays its Sharn expansion to mid-May

Disappointing news for players looking forward to playing Dungeons and Dragons Online's newest expansion next week: It's not going to happen. Next week,...

Perfect Ten: MMOs for puzzle lovers

Ever find yourself complaining that all of the PvE content in your MMO is nothing but shooting something in the face or chopping down...
Yes, this is a thing.

The Daily Grind: What’s your favorite MMO minipet?

Minipets: Either you love 'em and collect 'em like crazy, or you don't care for 'em and resent that I've been shortening "them" for...
Them's fighting words.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 216: Star Wars frenzy

Justin and Bree discuss big SWTOR expansion news, plus news from WoW, Blizzard, Guild Wars 2, Skyforge, TERA, Albion, Blade & Soul, and DDO, with a mailbag question on MMO expansion difficulty.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 215: Anthem exposed

Justin and Bree discuss Anthem and BioWare, Guild Wars 2, DCUO, RIFT, Albion, DDO, Dragon Quest X, and Black Desert, plus a mailbag topic on event fatigue in MMOs.

Adventure Academy is an ‘educational massively multiplayer online game’ launching May 1

Adventure Academy is going to mystify the typical gamer: There are no dragons to fight and no lockboxes to fight over. But if...

A first look at Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Masters of Sharn sees goblins and dinosaurs

When a new content update arrives to an MMO, one would likely expect some new baddies to fight. During a broadcast from Twitch...

LOTRO announces Rohan housing while DDO is slated to get a 64-bit client

Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online players have plenty to look forward to in their near and far...

The Daily Grind: Which underrated MMO would you recommend to friends?

So c'mon, we all know what the big MMOs are right now, the ones that always come up in conversation. You know, the ones...

Check out some Dungeons & Dragons Online’s Masterminds of Sharn content on the preview server this week

The newest expansion for Dungeons & Dragons Online, Masterminds of Sharn, isn't slated to release until the end of this month, but players...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 214: No fools we

Justin and Bree discus MMO April Fools' Day, Jumpgate's sequel, Funcom's new Secret World project, EverQuest 3, Rend's abrupt launch, Star Citizen's ladies, and Neverwinter and DDO's expansion dates, with adventures in Guild Wars 2, DDO, and Blade & Soul, and a mailbag question on MMO emulators.

Dungeons and Dragons’ Masterminds of Sharn is up for pre-order, targeting April 30 release

The newest -- and most vertical -- Dungeons and Dragons Online expansion is just a month away, as Standing Stone Games announced this...

LOTRO and DDO hand out downtime compensation packages as spring festival begins

Freebies! Who wants freebies? Get them while they're hot! Get them while your inventory still has space! Oh, hello, I see you heard my call....

The Daily Grind: When have MMOs successfully put a clever spin on old tropes?

We can all point to the many, many video game and pop culture tropes that infest MMORPGs to both our amusement and annoyance. From...
Big time.

The Daily Grind: Has your MMO of choice ever had a major data loss?

When Justin mentioned to me on this week's podcast the rumor that Lord of the Rings Online's and Dungeons and Dragons Online's...
I still love you, robot.

Massively OP Podcast Episode 211: Carrying the Torchlight

Justin and Bree deep-dive Torchlight Frontiers and discuss Path of Exile's Synthesis, the great LOTRO and DDO outage of 2019, the impending end of Kritika Online and the Foundry system in Star Trek Online and Neverwinter, Guild Wars 2's warclaw, Alganon, and a mailbag topic about housing in MMOs.

LOTRO and DDO are finally back online after nearly four days down

For a moment there, it looked as though the multi-day saga of LOTRO and DDO downtime was finally over. And then everything...

DDO and LOTRO’s one-day downtime is now at three days and counting

What began as a one-day downtime to work on a data center has now stretched into three days of offline status for both

LOTRO and DDO downtime extends into its second day as datacenter work continues

While we knew that yesterday's extended downtime for both of Standing Stone Games' MMOs was going to be lengthy, initially there was hope that...

Dungeons and Dragons Online teases a new class and adventure packs to come in 2019

With both LOTRO and DDO down for most of today due to server work, there are plenty of MMO gamers looking for...