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Dungeons and Dragons Online discusses new raid, character model updates, and lag fixes in livestream

Players of Dungeons and Dragons Online were full of questions about the MMORPG's new roadmap, so naturally the devs were full of some answers...

Dungeons and Dragons Online’s 2023 roadmap includes a spring mini-expansion, Vecna Unleashed

Dungeons and Dragons Online is the latest of the Daybreak/Standing Stone Games MMORPGs to get a detailed new roadmap for 2023 as of today....

Massively Overthinking: What will be your three most-played MMOs in 2023?

Last week in Massively Overthinking, we discussed our three most-played MMOs of 2022 - and whether we'd guessed right at the top of that...

Dungeons and Dragons Online sleds into the Snowpeaks Festival today

Slither into your snowsuit and grab your frostiest of D20s because Dungeons and Dragons Online is embracing the wintry atmosphere with the return of...

Dungeons and Dragons Online predicts a heavy dose of Snowpeaks Festival later this week

It's January, the sun is not showing up to play, and you're spending these cold, dark days shivering your buns off. So why not...

The Stream Team: Eye Know Whodunnit in Dungeons & Dragons Online

Who said the planar eyes had it? Last week, Massively OP's MJ was able to vanquish those DDO monstrosities and recover the artifacts. Next...

Massively Overthinking: What were your three most-played MMOs in 2022?

Last year, we did a piece on what we expected our top three MMOs of 2022 to be. We'll do that again next week,...

Dungeons and Dragons Online tests two brand-new archetypes for the Druid and Ranger

A pair of brand-new class archetypes made their way onto the Dungeons and Dragons Online test server this week, giving players a preview of...

One Shots: Looking forward to a rainy day

Is there anything as agonizingly tantalizing as receiving a gift that's for a very specific situation? You can't wait to use it, but it...

Global Chat: The MMO blogs you should be reading in 2023

Welcome to a new year of Global Chat -- and with it, the anticipation of a great assortment of MMO blog essays, questions, guides,...

The Stream Team: The Peril of Planar Eyes in Dungeons & Dragons Online

With a new year starting and a new level, Massively OP's MJ is ready to embark on a new quest arc in Dungeons &...

The Stream Team: Battling packs of beholders in Dungeons & Dragons Online

Last-minute holiday shopping can be brutal! To get in the right mood for this, Massively OP's MJ will be honing her skills in...

The Stream Team: Tons of traps in Dungeons & Dragons Online

Massively OP's MJ is sad that the DDO party's rogue doesn't get to show off his skills very often in the dungeons. Everyone likes...

Dungeons and Dragons Online kicks off Festivult and Hardcore Season 7

When you combine two things into a new package, something special may happen. You could end up with peanut butter and chocolate, for example....

Dungeons and Dragons Online begins its seventh hardcore league season December 7

The winter season is hard and it makes for hard people who are hardy and hardly bothered by hardship. Now the hardest can harden...

Standing Stone Games releases new LOTRO and DDO soundtracks

As a holiday season treat, Standing Stone Games pushed out soundtracks to its two MMO expansions that came out over the course of the...

Standing Stone Games’ executive producer says he’s ‘low-key angry’ he couldn’t save Asheron’s Call

Some former Asheron's Call fans might find wan solace in the fact that a former Turbine exec regrets the cult MMO's closure just as...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 396: Crowfalling

Justin and Bree discuss Crowfall, Blue Protocol, SWTOR, New World, Q3 2022 financials (for Blizzard, Pearl Abyss, Square Enix, NCsoft), and new patches (for DDO, Neverwinter, Blade and Soul, EVE Online, Guild Wars 2, Elder Scrolls Online), with a mailbag topic covering Shadowbane, Second Live, Secret World, and Ultima Online.

The Stream Team: Defending the DDO caravan

Dungeon & Dragons Online isn't just about dungeons and dragons! No, there are open spaces as well as plenty of other critters -- just...

Dungeons and Dragons Online releases Update 57 Grip of the Hidden Hand today – here are the patch notes

Today marks a new content update for Dungeons and Dragons Online with the arrival of Update 57: Grip of the Hidden Hand, bringing a...