Almost five years after killing Player Studio, Daybreak wants to revive a Creator Program


It’s weird enough to see a Daybreak press release in my inbox, but this one threw me for a loop as it’s for a game that everyone always forgets Daybreak publishes: Magic the Gathering Online. Apparently, Magic is being used to trial a new creator program initiative that will be expanded to other Daybreak games, which as they stand still include the EverQuests, DC Universe Online, PlanetSide 2, and presumably LOTRO and DDO too.

“Daybreak Games and Magic: The Gathering Online (MTGO) recently revealed a new initiative designed to further support their thriving communities,” the studio says. “The Daybreak Creator Program gives participants new creative opportunities and exclusive extras for creating and sharing MTGO content – whether it’s through streams, videos, photos, or other formats. The initiative is kicking off with MTGO and will expand to other Daybreak Games titles in the months to come. Once accepted into the Creator Program, content creators will receive a special welcome pack, have early access and beta server access, and receive in-game rewards. Qualifying participants will receive dedicated placement on MTGO’s website, receive gifted subs, codes for audience giveaways, and more. […] The Daybreak and MTGO team are working with Sideqik to give creators a one-stop shop for signups, campaigns, social-media integrations, codes, and more.”

Readers might know that we seldom cover marketing initiatives like this, but for Daybreak, it’s worth a note. First, the Daybreak staffer spearheading it – senior CM Aaron Linde – has a long history working with influencers like this. And second, Daybreak has offered creator programs similar to this in the past and let them collapse; for example, the beloved Player Studio program enlisted players to create content for the game, but Daybreak canceled it quietly in 2019 after all but abandoning it for months.

This program, however, is more squarely in the realm of low-cost marketing of influencers for promotional purposes rather than content creation, and – like Fippyfest – it could at least be read as a revival of Daybreak’s interaction with its community and consideration for its own brand image. And would anybody be sorry to see that?

Daybreak announced a similar, more generic venture a few weeks ago, promising to “launch within the next month or so” and inviting “any kind of creator […] from fashion to food or gaming” to sign up.

Source: Press release, MTGO
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