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Almost five years after killing Player Studio, Daybreak wants to revive a Creator Program

It's weird enough to see a Daybreak press release in my inbox, but this one threw me for a loop as it's for a...

Magic the Gathering Online launches Wilds of Eldraine set, adds a new pass, and tweaks game features

Hungry for more cards to collect in Magic: The Gathering Online? Then you're in luck this week as the online CCG has launched the...

Lord of the Rings Online and Magic Online teams up to give you potato frames

Hey, did you all forget that Magic Online got snarfed up by Daybreak last year? Probably, it was kind of forgettable in the larger...

Magic The Gathering Online releases Phyrexia All Will Be One expansion, says there’s been no data breach

Daybreak is promoting new acquisition Magic: The Gathering Online and its latest update, which rolled out last week and includes Phyrexia: All Will Be...

Magic the Gathering Online details the last leg of its transition to Daybreak next week

I'm betting folks have forgotten all about this by now, but last December, Daybreak and Wizards of the Coast announced that Daybreak would be...

Daybreak seeks a new executive producer for Magic: The Gathering Online

At the tail end of December, Magic: The Gathering Online fans were surprised by the sudden announcement that the online CCG would now be...

Daybreak assumes publisher role on Wizards of the Coast’s Magic: The Gathering Online

This week is squeezing out one more surprise announcement: Daybreak is taking over the publishing of 2002's Magic: The Gathering Online. "We are very excited...
I've got to get gone, I've got to get going.

Cryptic’s CEO discusses taking an IP and making it work for an MMO

At this point, Cryptic Studios has a stable of games based off of existing IPs, most notably Star Trek Online, Neverwinter, and the upcoming...
No combo winter for you.

Magic: the Gathering Online got the latest broken combo banned in just two days

You may not play Magic: the Gathering Online, but if you play any sort of free-to-play online card game, you owe some of your...