Daybreak seeks a new executive producer for Magic: The Gathering Online


At the tail end of December, Magic: The Gathering Online fans were surprised by the sudden announcement that the online CCG would now be published by Daybreak Games. While some players considered the reveal the death knell of the game, the devs said that the move would see a new studio form as a result. This leads us to today’s news, as Daybreak is seeking an executive producer to helm the game.

The job posting is generally unremarkable, but one thing that is of interest is that this job is for a location in Renton, WA, instead of in San Diego, CA, or Austin, TX; Renton is home to Wizards of the Coast, suggesting that the “new” studio will stay there. A tweet announcing the posting further tries to spin this as continuing MTGO’s long lifespan, referencing the fact that the game turns 20 this year and that the studio has aspirations for 20 more years.

On the subject of MTGO, the game’s latest dev blog announces the formal creation of a panel of players for the Pauper format, which will be “discussing the format and providing recommendations of action to the Play Design team at Wizards.” This brings the benefit of deciding which cards to ban from the format much faster. The link above offers more details, as does the video below the break.

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