Magic The Gathering Online releases Phyrexia All Will Be One expansion, says there’s been no data breach


Daybreak is promoting new acquisition Magic: The Gathering Online and its latest update, which rolled out last week and includes Phyrexia: All Will Be One, designated as a “Standard-legal expansion” by Wizards of the Coast. The expansion includes new art bundles, a revamp of the competitive event schedule, improved info in the UI, a refresh of treasure chests, new avatars, and updated monthly rewards.

The game’s most recent blog post also says the team is working on two-factor authentication. “Players have been understandably expressing concern about account security in light of account-theft reports on social media,” Daybreak says. “Two-factor authentication for MTGO is in active development, but in the meantime, please remember: Players with a strong MTGO-only password that they have never shared or exposed aren’t targets of account theft—having such a password should be part of every player’s account security.”

“There have been no Magic Online data breaches under Daybreak,” the studio stresses.

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