Official Site: PlanetSide
Studio: SOE, now Daybreak Game Company
Launch Date: May 20, 2003
Genre: Sci-Fi MMOFPS Sandbox
Business Model: F2P
Platform: PC
See Also: PlanetSide 2

PlanetSide 2 is celebrating its seventh birthday, teases early 2020 content

If you were worried that recent layoffs to the PlanetSide franchise team would hamper PlanetSide 2's anniversary festivities, you can breathe a...

PlanetSide Arena is testing a Capture the Flag mode this weekend

Are you among the small number of gamers playing PlanetSide Arena over the weekend? We can appreciate if you are

Daybreak is still updating PlanetSide Arena, adds chat features and more

Early Access update #5 for PlanetSide Arena has arrived and... well, it's not exactly what one would call a barnburner of a patch,...

Amazon’s Lord of the Rings MMO will be ‘different at a glance’ from LOTRO

Even as Lord of the Rings Online prepares to unleash Minas Morgul next week, Amazon Game Studios is working in the background...

The Daily Grind: What are the odds that Daybreak can turn itself around?

I've had... severe concerns about Daybreak Games over the last several years, and I'm sure that I am not alone in this. The multiple...

Daybreak talks PlanetSide Arena goals and plans for PlanetSide 3

With Daybreak currently in the throes of fresh layoffs and a "company realignment" and PlanetSide Arena failing to really set the world...
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PlanetSide 2 brings the Nanite of the Living Dead event back for more spooky shooting

Fans of PlanetSide 2 probably had lots of reason to be scared following the latest round of Daybreak layoffs on Friday, and not...

Daybreak confirms yesterday’s layoffs and ‘realignment of the company into separate franchise teams’

Yesterday, we reported on the sad news that MMORPG company Daybreak Games had suffered yet another round of layoffs. As developers began weighing...

It looks like Daybreak’s been hit with yet another round of layoffs

Former H1Z1 Technical Director and PlanetSide Arena dev Josh "Autenil" Kriegshauser posted a tweet this evening suggesting that Daybreak has once again...

PlanetSide Arena’s next update will dynamically tweak safe zones and pain fields for low population matches

When your battle royale game is designed for 1,000+ player fights but nowhere near enough players show up, you've got to make some...
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PlanetSide 2 releases a PlanetSide: Arena cosmetic bundle and back-end improvements

If you're enjoying your time in PlanetSide: Arena and want to get some of that look in PlanetSide 2, the developers will be delighted to...
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Massively OP Podcast Episode 239: Astellia ascending

Justin and Bree discuss Astellia, Guild Wars 2, ArcheAge Unchained, WoW, LOTRO, PlanetSide Arena, and Project Gorgon, with a mailbag topic on making gaming more productive (or not).

PlanetSide Arena elects to temporarily disable Teams mode in all regions

While the scale of the large scale battles in PlanetSide Arena is certainly something one can call into question, part of that...

PlanetSide Arena shores up early access bugs as Steam reviews hit ‘mixed’

Credit where credit's due, the folks at PlanetSide Arena appear to be on top of their game in terms of keeping major issues...

PlanetSide Arena has officially launched into early access – here’s the new trailer

Delays are in the past: "Massive" battle royale PlanetSide Arena is officially hitting early access today, rolling into what Daybreak is calling the...

PlanetSide Arena drops weapons blog ahead of tomorrow’s early access phase one launch

Still on the fence about the newly revivified development of PlanetSide Arena? The massive-scale battle royale game moves from private preview to early...

Here’s what we learned from PlanetSide Arena’s brief demo event yesterday

Yesterday's invite-only PlanetSide Arena demo event was a quickie - it was over in two hours. But already the hype is building for...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 236: Guild Wars 2’s dragons and Vikings

Justin and Bree discuss Guild Wars 2, WoW Classic, ArcheAge Unchained, PlanetSide Arena, Peria Chronicles, SWTOR, Conan Chop Chop, Last Oasis, Caravan Stories, and Champions Online, with a mailbag question on improving boring MMO tasks.

Leaderboard: Do you buy the ‘Grand Daybreak Unification’ theory?

Yesterday, MMO blogger Wilhelm Arcturus of The Ancient Gaming Noob dropped a fun conspiracy theory in the comments of our

Daybreak’s PlanetSide Arena will hit early access September 19, full launch Q2 2020

Yesterday, Daybreak finally broke its long silence on PlanetSide Arena with a teaser trailer, and as of today, the studio's got a...