PlanetSide 2 revamps conduit capture mechanics and preps Lunar New Year event


Capture the Conduit in PlanetSide 2 hasn’t been the most easy to navigate activity according to Daybreak’s Rogue Planet Games, but hopefully the newest patch for the PC version improves that, as the mode has gotten a rework in order to make it “more readable, familiar, and reliable while still maintaining the more interesting aspects of needing to capture conduits.”

The update has turned capture facilities into “hybrid” facilities that will now require repositories to be activated by conduits, at which point they will be have like normal capture points. If a repository is owned by the attacking team, additional flags can be brought to that point to greatly increase an overall facility’s capture rate. This update has also seen several related facilities revert to their original number of capture points.

While the capture mode is the primary piece of this patch, the update has also applied a list of bug fixes and has put the game’s Lunar New Year event into place for its release on February 10th. The notes also confirm that while public testing provided a lot of data about Capture the Conduit changes, more adjustments will be coming in the future as the system gets put through its paces at a larger scale.

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