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PlanetSide 2 addresses its recent Sunderer Rework blunder

If you're going to be stuck in status limbo, it helps to at least show signs that you're still alive and kicking. So good...

PlanetSide 2’s latest update revamps warzone rotation and the friends list

PlanetSide 2 has been in a state of limbo for the past several months following revelations that Daybreak had sold the IP for cash...
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EG7 Q1 2024: Daybreak still mum on PlanetSide 2, new H1Z1 game hires lead designer

It's not even been two weeks since Daybreak owner EG7 published its 2023 annual financial report, which of course omitted everything relevant that happened...

EG7’s 2023 annual report claims Daybreak and SSG collectively count 264 staffers

Swedish gaming conglom EG7 released its annual report this week, and while there isn't a ton of new-new in it for those of us...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 466: Elder Scrolls Offline

Justin and Bree discuss PlanetSide 2's new developer, Elder Scrolls Online's rollback situation, the revival of Life is Feudal, and the resurrection of Legends of Aria Classic, with adventures in LOTRO, ESO, and World of Warcraft, plus mailbag topics on Palia, Blade and Soul, Dragons Dogma Online, and MMOs that would work offline.

EG7 transfers PlanetSide 2 development from Daybreak to Toadman, posts 2024 roadmap

Ever since Daybreak's February investor report that admitted the company had sold off a "noncore IP for USD 5.9 million" to " EG7 with...

PlanetSide 2 discusses new facility, continued Sunderer tweaks, and its next public test build

The next several big things coming to PlanetSide 2 have been collected in a newsletter from last week, and they run a pretty wide...

Almost five years after killing Player Studio, Daybreak wants to revive a Creator Program

It's weird enough to see a Daybreak press release in my inbox, but this one threw me for a loop as it's for a...

PlanetSide 2 acknowledges ‘earned consternation’ over its warzone continent

It's always an unsettling feeling when a game -- or its IP, at least -- gets sold off but nobody really talks about it...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 458: PlanetSide 2 in limbo

Justin and Bree discuss Daybreak selling PlanetSide, Nightingale's early access, Islands of Insight's launch, and NCsoft's financials with Guild Wars 2 and Throne & Liberty, with adventures in Elder Scrolls Online, LOTRO, City of Heroes, and SWG Legends, plus a mailbag topic on features we want to see in features for Amazon's LOTR and ZeniMax's Star Wars MMOs.

It looks like the ‘noncore IP’ Daybreak sold for $5.9M is PlanetSide after all

Yesterday, when we covered EG7's Q4 2023 financials, we highlighted the company's disclosure that Daybreak had sold a "noncore IP" for $5.9M, a move...

PlanetSide 2 explains upcoming Sunderer updates as a needed step in overall vehicle balance

Last month, PlanetSide 2 made some big proposals for the persistent war FPS's 2024, one of which being a rework to the Sunderer vehicle....

PlanetSide 2 revamps conduit capture mechanics and preps Lunar New Year event

Capture the Conduit in PlanetSide 2 hasn't been the most easy to navigate activity according to Daybreak's Rogue Planet Games, but hopefully the newest...

Leaderboard: What’s the most vulnerable Daybreak MMO in 2024?

Every year when it comes time to update this poll for January, I consider tossing it out. But the last few years of Daybreak...

The Game Archaeologist: The Sims Bustin’ Out, the online Sims game nobody remembers

Many gamers who complete that Venn diagram of being fans of both MMOs and The Sims no doubt will be familiar with the tragically...

PlanetSide 2 is considering everything from class reworks to server merges in 2024

PlanetSide 2 has had a bit of a rocky year, swinging from the heights of a 20th anniversary of the franchise to the lows...

The MOP Up: Valheim’s Christmas surprise

As the nights turn frosty in Valheim, a strange wintry cheer spreads through the land. Could it be... could it be a plum pudding...

The MOP Up: Alganon shows its first signs of life in ages

Could we be hearing a heartbeat in the long-dormant Alganon? This past week, the official account announced that the website is back online and...

PlanetSide 2 celebrates 11 years as Daybreak teases conduit capture base changes

PlanetSide 2 is officially turning 11 years old next week, and naturally Daybreak is on full alert. "To celebrate, this year's anniversary update brings...

PlanetSide 2 announces the return of its Outfit Wars PvP tournament in December

If you have a "mixed success," try, try again. That's (probably) the line of thinking being taken by PlanetSide 2, which has confirmed the...