PlanetSide 2’s latest update revamps warzone rotation and the friends list


PlanetSide 2 has been in a state of limbo for the past several months following revelations that Daybreak had sold the IP for cash and then offloaded development to its EG7 sister studio Toadman Interactive, with nary a clue about the fate of the Rogue Planet team that’s maintained the game for years (and whose logo is still on the website). Still, it’s Toadman, we assume, that has taken over the game’s patch progress and is responsible for this week’s update, which rolled out yesterday.

The patch won’t be a huge surprise, as the blended team already released a roadmap for 2024 that focused more on polishing and bug fixes and events than on brand-new content. Most notably, the update includes a revamp of the warzone rotation system.

“Previously, Warzones simply rotated through the list of valid Warzones with the oldest being the next one selected. This meant that one Warzone always followed another and the course of the rotation was entirely predictable. We’ve added two new settings to the Warzone rotation system, the ability for Warzones to be skipped during the selection process and also a chance to be selected. [… T]he oldest Warzone is by far the most likely one to come next, it will not always happen that way. This means that the rotation is no longer static, but will shuffle itself slightly from time to time. And second, Oshur is now much, much less likely to be selected; and after it has been selected it will not be again for several rounds.”

The patch also includes new Sanctuary music, new cash shop buyables, a rewrite of the friends list code, and several other bug fixes. Do note there was apparently a bit of a happy oops: “Parts of our upcoming Sunderer changes were unintentionally released in today’s update,” the team tweeted last night. “Please be aware these additions are not final and don’t accurately reflect our plans for the Sunderer rework. We’ll share an update soon, please be respectful to other players in the meantime.”

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