PlanetSide 2 discusses new facility, continued Sunderer tweaks, and its next public test build


The next several big things coming to PlanetSide 2 have been collected in a newsletter from last week, and they run a pretty wide scope of interest, whether it’s Sunderer things, PTS things, or future gameplay things.

The newsletter opens with details of the next public test build’s features, which will bring a rewritten friends list, updates to the warzone rotation to make things non-static, and a tweak to the meltdown alert on Oshur. The PTS is scheduled to open sometime after the game’s next major update.

Speaking of updates, work on Sunderer vehicle updates is still progressing, with things moving through internal testing right now. Tweaks to the vehicle will also hit the test server at some point in the future, though it may do so in batches.

Finally, the studio is working on a new facility type known as an assault facility, which promises to be “dramatically different” from other facilities, with combat phases having a distinct beginning, middle, and end. The initial rollout of these facilities will be in a more simplified layout, with only three capture points and no secondary objectives in order to ensure gameplay flow is established. A timeline for testing and release hasn’t been tied down yet, but fans can rest assured it’s one of many new things coming down the pike.

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