Can’t see the eclipse in person today? Here’s how to watch it with online with some gaming flair


As we noted on Friday, there’s a major celestial event happening for North America today: A lot of you are about to see an amazing total solar eclipse, and a whole lore more are going to at least witness a partial one. But if you can’t get to somewhere that you can see any of it – or if weather where you are is ruining the show – you can still watch it online. In fact, MMO gamers in our audience can swing by some major eclipse-related gaming fun, as NASA, Microsoft, Epic Games, and the National Esports Association have collaborated on a science-and-gaming Twitch event called “Look Up!”

“NASA and Epic Games/Microsoft have partnered with the National Esports Association to have NEA students create eclipse-themed versions of Fortnite and Minecraft,” group organizers say. “The games will be streamed by a handful of Minecraft & Fortnite streamers, and their livestream will appear right alongside live eclipse footage brought to you by NASA in a lively co-stream.”

The stream kicks off at 2 p.m. EDT and runs two hours, covering the entirety of the eclipse.

Source: Press release, Twitch
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