EverQuest’s in-person Fippyfest is one-third sold through already as we’re finally getting more details


Daybreak’s Fippyfest has been a wild ride of emotions ever since the studio first announced the EverQuest-centric event. Players were initially thrilled to hear that the franchise’s 25th and 20th anniversaries would see the resurgence of both an in-person and digital event as we used to see from SOE and Daybreak long ago. But then, Daybreak opened ticket sales for the in-person event, asking $1499 per ticket for an event the studio hadn’t even detailed.

Well, now we’re getting more details, and while it’s still too rich for our blood, at least there’s a whole bunch of stuff in that $1499 package, including the panels, meet-and-greets, multiple banquets, and tons of swag. The two-day event also includes a signing party, office tour, and a “more personalized experience with many opportunities to converse with the developers and get an inside look at what goes into developing these legendary games.” Oh, and food. So much food.

“We will provide continental breakfasts and catered lunches on both days, a catered dinner, as well as a fancy, fantasy-themed dinner, all with the developers. There will also be a ton more fun sprinkled throughout both days while mingling with the game teams and fellow gamers with chances to take selfies or reels of the entire magical weekend!”

Daybreak says “in-person attendance is very limited and a third of the tickets are already sold.” Here’s the whole list of perks:

Source: EQ2
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