Predecessor, another MOBA built from the bones of Paragon, plans March 28 open beta while still in early access

Because game releases mean nothing anymore


It appears that we can’t be rid of the ghosts of Paragon, Epic Games’ swing at the MOBA craze that was shuttered in 2018 but not before the company added the game’s assets to the Unreal Engine 4 toolkit. Readers will likely remember that this addition to the engine’s asset store saw a couple of attempted resurrections of the MOBA by other studios, including Fault, which closed in November 2022, and Paragon: The Overprime, which will be closing this April.

But maybe the third time is the charm: There’s another MOBA that’s been built with Paragon’s assets known as Predecessor, a self-described “next-generation team-based strategy game” from Omeda Studios, which was founded by Paragon content creator Robbie Singh. This latest swing at Paragon is currently in early access on Steam and EGS, in a second closed beta on PlayStation, and will soon be heading to an open beta on Thursday, March 28th across all platforms.

Predecessor is a fast-paced action-MOBA title that combines strategic thinking and teamwork with pulse-pounding combat. Two teams of five players choose from a roster of more than 30 unique Heroes and fight to protect their bases while working together to take down the enemy team’s base. During the fight, players earn XP to unlock and level up powerful abilities, while collecting gold to buy items to help them defeat the enemy team.”

This free-to-play open beta will feature the game’s arrival to Xbox Series X|S, complete with update parity for the Xbox version, crossplay for all platforms, and support for multiple new languages. A time length for this open beta hasn’t been tied down, but Singh states that having more players test the game will provide more data and allow the devs to iterate on the game faster. In the meantime, the game’s Steam early access version has seen its price slashed to $0.89 until March 20th, while no such sale is on EGS at the time of this writing.

Singh further talks about future plans for Predecessor in 2024 including visual updates, more item slots, new skins, ranked mode, a new game mode, and continued work on matchmaking. You can read up all of these plans in the “PRED Talk” dev blog or watch the associated video below.

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