Don’t look LOTRO’s free gift horse in the mouth – go get it right now

Saddle up and don't say 'neighhh' to this giveaway


Standing Stone Games made good on its promises to compensate Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online players for this past weekend’s unexpected downtime. The studio apologized for the server outage, saying, “Our engineering and IT teams worked diligently throughout the weekend to resolve the issues, and we’re pleased to report that the problems have been fixed.

As for said compensation, LOTRO players are getting their free choice of a mount from a select package (use the code “REWARD2024” in the store) and will see a 20% virtue boost go into effect from today through the 8th. DDO players didn’t fare quite as well, seeing only a boost event from April 5th through the 7th that’ll increase XP rates, guild renown, and a +10 treasure hunter boost.

Also, all currently running events were extended, and Standing Stone Games promised that subscribers will be credited two extra days of time on their accounts.

Source: LOTRO, DDO
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