For Science: EVE Online’s Project Discovery initiative opens signups for mobile testing


At EVE Fanfest last fall, CCP Games announced that its latest Project Discovery push would essentially set EVE Online players to training AI in the pursuit of curing cancer – as well as that it aimed to create a mobile app that would allow players to chip in for the cause even when they weren’t logged into EVE Online itself. We’re happy to report that the app is about to enter testing, and you can already sign up.

“The adventure continues with the upcoming beta test of Play Science, a mobile companion app designed to bring the challenges and rewards of Project Discovery to your fingertips,” CCP Games says. “The test launches soon, and now is the time to sign up!”

“Developed in collaboration with Swiss start-up Massively Multiplayer Online Science (MMOS), Project Discovery is a unique mini-game that is quick, easy, and rewarding to play, with the substantial benefit of advancing real science. Capsuleers have already contributed in a significant way to the research into exoplanets and COVID-19, and the scope of Project Discovery will soon expand to include critical immune system diseases, including cancer. This initiative has been recognized globally, winning the Webby People’s Voice Award for contributing to science and society​​. This collaboration between EVE players and the scientific community exemplifies the potential of virtual worlds to contribute to our understanding of the real one​​.”

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