EVE Online’s Project Discovery initiative tasks players with helping research COVID-19


The novel coronavirus is still out there and it’s still a problem, and EVE Online players are being tapped to help out thanks to the third phase of the Project Discovery civilian scientist initiative — the very same one that saw players help map the Human Protein Atlas in 2016 and search for exoplanets in 2017.

Project Discovery is working with McGill University, Dr Andrea Cossarizza, a Professor of Immunology at the University of Modena, and the Reggio Emilia School of Medicine in Italy in order to analyze data. Players can log in and help out with this data via a minigame involving a tracing tool to mark groups of cell populations present in blood, thereby helping scientists understand how different cell populations and types are altered through infection. Those who take part will not only help scientists battle COVID-19 but also get some rewards for doing so.

In other EVE Online news, the game has kicked out a new update that adds some new EDENCOM ships along with new types of weapons and ammo as well as the start of the Gathering Storm login reward event and Lighting Strikes event. The 15th Council of Stellar Management has also been selected; a visual representation of the voting is embedded below.

sources: press release, official site (1, 2), YouTube

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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

EVE Online does an enormous amount of good for the world when they try. It’s a shame that only the bad things that happen in EVE get most of the spotlight at times.

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I love stuff like this being in games and wish more of them did this sort of thing.

Borderlands 3 has something similar via its Borderlands Science minigame though they have a different focus in terms of the actual science behind the game. I think McGill University also had a hand in that one too.

I often finish up a Borderlands 3 session by knocking out a few of these puzzles as I find it’s a good way to wind down, I get some cool in game rewards and it’s also satisfying to know it helps in some small way with some actual scientific research.