EVE Online releases a small patch that fixes bugs, tweaks invasions, and improves Project Discovery


A new little patch has been released for EVE Online which isn’t doing anything drastic like, say, turning off asset safety. In fact, the patch notes are pretty tame, outlining a number of small quality-of-life tweaks and bug fixes.

The patch changes system eligibility for the Final Liminality/Fortress state during Triglavian invasions to make them more consistent, as well as updates to system eligibility for the Minor Victory state and changed the maximum number of active Stellar Reconnaissances from six to three. All the while, invasions will be refocusing efforts on priority targets.

On the quality-of-life side of things, the patch improves Project Discovery sample submission result and feedback, and tackles a variety of game bugs around graphics, the UI, and problems logging off when using the View Outside Structure function. They’re not mind-blowing updates, but still important ones players might wish to note.


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Techno Wizard
Techno Wizard

The latest updates to Character Selection in EVE Online have impressed me the most. Instead of having to exit the game completely then reload the game again to select a new character, I can now log out of a character (probably my main) back to the selection screen and choose another character alt without having to leave the game.


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Only took them what, 17 years?
Happy they finally did it though