EVE Echoes launches a Project Discovery science initiative, EVE Online preps for next Alliance Tournament


Regular players of EVE Online are likely very familiar with the game’s Project Discovery “citizen science” initiatives that let players help out scientific research, but now players of the mobile MMO EVE Echoes will get to help out the needs of science with the launch of the game’s first Project Discovery event.

Players who want to take part in the project need to be at least tech level seven before they can participate, but once they are it’s a simple matter of navigating to the Project Discovery tab of the events menu while docked at a station. The activity itself will task players with matching data points in a minigame, which will award Science Points that can be used to purchase various unique cosmetics.

Meanwhile in EVE Online proper, the game has shared the details of its upcoming Alliance Tournament XVIII, kicked out a smaller fix patch for the game, released a new starter pack in celebration of the sandbox’s Korean localization, and assembled the latest Community Beat digest. As for the current state of the game, former CSM rep Dunk Dinkle has some thoughts.

sources: press release, EVE Echoes website, EVE Online website (1, 2, 23), Twitter, Dunk Dinkle
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