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Elite Dangerous delays update 15 and ‘major feature rework,’ re-opens console transfers in April

I'm afraid that while the latest Elite Dangerous missive was seemingly intended to bring players into the loop of the game's current development, it's...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: Quest Master’s Realm, Cheats PU, and Verses of Enchantment

Welcome back to another quick roundup of some MMOs and multiplayer titles you've very likely never heard of - or at least haven't heard...

Massively on the Go: Why Pokemon Go elite raids fail while Scarlet/Violet tera raids fly

As we recently noted while updating our March Pokemon Go event round-up, Niantic has somehow made the already hated Elite Raids even worse. The...

V Rising names its May update patch Secrets of Gloomrot and talks up its ‘expansion-level’ features

Last month Stunlock Studios tried to spin a year-long content delay for the vampiric survival sandbox V Rising as a "free expansion" with features...

Embers Adrift’s QA server previews new dice-dueling game and Grimstone Canyon zone

Embers Adrift dropped a state of the game memo for its community last night, kicking it off with a thank-you note to the playerbase...

GDC’s State of the Games Industry survey once again demonstrates dev skepticism for metaverse and blockchain hokum

This year's State of the Game Industry from GDC - its 11th since beginning the project - delivers a range of insights from the...
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World of Warcraft’s next patch offers new options for players suffering from dragonriding motion sickness

Does riding a dragon in World of Warcraft make you feel all funny in your tummy? Could it be true love, or could it...

Former Lord of the Rings Online producer illuminates the MMO industry’s pay problem

In last week's Massively Overthinking roundtable on the weird MMO trainwrecks that nobody noticed in 2022, MOP's Justin brought up one I had forgotten:...

The Elder Scrolls Online’s big 2023 reveal is set for January 25

If you're still wondering what exactly the dissolution of year-long story arcs will mean for the future of The Elder Scrolls Online, you won't...
Strike a pose and all that.

Wayfinder’s second PC test and first PlayStation test kick off next week

Earlier this week, we reported that the newly introduced Wayfinder was already in the middle of its first wave of testing with another one...

Dauntless’ roadmap teases community-built Behemoth, new game mode, and mini-events

There are not too many months remaining in 2022, but just because time is running out on the year doesn't mean that players of...

Riot’s new League of Legends head honcho discusses updating old content and experimenting with PvE

Longtime veteran character designer Andrei Van Roon has been promoted to the head of Riot Games' League Studios, the subsection of the company that's...

EVE Echoes launches a Project Discovery science initiative, EVE Online preps for next Alliance Tournament

Regular players of EVE Online are likely very familiar with the game's Project Discovery "citizen science" initiatives that let players help out scientific research,...

Valiance Online says it’s building ‘a solid foundation’ but hasn’t showed any progress this year so far

While the City of Heroes rogue servers continue to roll and spiritual successors such as City of Titans and Ship of Heroes are vocal...

Vitae Aeternum: New World interview on Summer Medleyfaire, solo play, housing, and more

With the launch of New World's Summer Medleyfaire patch and event this morning, we naturally had questions about the new systems and the future...

Pantheon Rise of the Fallen lands $2.4M in funding and elaborates on its death mechanics

The latest newsletter out of Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen has some pretty important news to share with its fans on both a game...

Guild Wars 2 previews better strike mission rewards, class tweaks, and a new system for raid accessibility

ArenaNet just dropped a fresh studio update and a state of the game blog for Guild Wars 2, featuring check-ins from Game Director Josh...

Sci-fi MMOs Divergence Online and Otherland are finally taken off of sale from Steam

If you've forgotten about the sci-fi sandbox MMO Divergence Online, we can't entirely blame you: The game is mostly known for several moments of...

Interview: ArcheAge’s Ham Young Jin on the Great Prairie, the western build, and beyond

ArcheAge is on the cusp of a big update this week as the Great Prairie releases on June 23rd, bringing with it a huge...

Dual Universe begins the countdown to its launch, won’t perform a full wipe

Houston, we are go for launch. That's the message that NovaQuark has for its Dual Universe community. The studio said that after assessing the state...