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Guild Wars 2’s latest low-key weekly event, PvP Rush, begins today

Guild Wars 2 is continuing to quietly push out low-key weekly events this month with barely an acknowledgement except on social media, to the...

GDC’s 2024 industry survey: Game devs weigh in on AI, layoffs, unionization, RTO, and more

Every year, GDC conducts an industry-wide survey of game developers and compiles the results in its State of the Game Industry, the 2024 edition...

PlanetSide 2 is considering everything from class reworks to server merges in 2024

PlanetSide 2 has had a bit of a rocky year, swinging from the heights of a 20th anniversary of the franchise to the lows...

Embers Adrift talks up November content updates, promises a patch in December and 2024 roadmap soon

Usually retrospectives tend to look back at the entire year, but it looks as if Embers Adrift is mostly proud of November, as the...

Terraria shows off visible fish for PC and a spectator mode for console and mobile

When fishing in real life, you can't see what you're doing or where the fish are at all times, meaning you have to cast...

Embers Adrift plans to celebrate its first anniversary with GM events, a free weekend, and alchemy details

Sunday, October 15th, will mark the first full year of operation for Embers Adrift, which means that Stormhaven Studios is readying to celebrate the...

Wayfinder compensates players for launch, plans new weapon and quests for first big patch

Wayfinder has come a long way in its quest to shore up its paid early access: Airship Syndicate dropped an avalanche of info and...
The stars are over Dun Morogh.

WoW Factor: What would World of Warcraft ‘Classic Plus’ even look like?

So before I start this column, I want to make something very clear: I do not for one moment, in my heart of hearts,...
Siri play Chariots of Fire.

Destiny 2 director promises more PvP maps and expanded PvP playlist modes after facing player backlash

The PvPers of Destiny 2 were not happy whatsoever with the latest state of the game letter from director Joe Blackburn, who says that...

Destiny 2 deep-dives Season 22 as Bungie pursues cheat seller ring in court

With the current Season of the Deep now having roughly three weeks left to it, Destiny 2 is looking to the season ahead to...
This isn't how it had to be.

Perfect Ten: Thoughts on Star Wars The Old Republic’s impending move to Broadsword

My relationship with Star Wars: The Old Republic is best described as "complicated." The game launched at a time when I was still pretty...

Dauntless’ latest meager patch notes cause players to assume the worst

MMOs and multiplayer games getting small patches isn't anything new, and is indeed often a necessary part of running a live title, but the...

The Soapbox: Raiding isn’t the problem with World of Warcraft

It is by now clear that World of Warcraft's Dragonflight expansion hasn't exactly set the world on fire. This has set off another round...

Ethyrial Echoes of Yore’s reset descends into chaos with new bugs, tanking reviews, and lead dev’s partial withdrawal

The initial Steam launch of Ethyrial: Echoes of Yore went badly enough that developer Gellyberry Studios announced plans for a full server wipe and...

Embers Adrift vows to ‘never’ add PvP to the game, promises free play weekend in June

Following the publish of its Shrieks in the Deep patch in late April, Embers Adrift is keeping spring springy with community events in May...
Looking closer.

WoW Factor: World of Warcraft’s content problems aren’t about quantity

So recently, we asked about what World of Warcraft could do to draw back players that it had lost. To be clear, that's a...

Swordsmen X Survival launches on Steam with Chinese as its only language while players pan the game

If you were seeing red flags in your mind while learning of the low-key launch date announcement from The Swordsmen X: Survival, congratulations; your...

Casually Classic: Eight legacy MMOs to satisfy that old school craving

It was just five years ago in 2018 that MassivelyOP formally recognized an interesting and heartening trend in the MMO space: the rise of...
Look how they massacred my boy.

Guild Wars 2 previews next week’s ‘outliers’ balance update

Lock up your kids and your spouses because Guild Wars 2 is moseying into town for another class balance showdown -- and there's no...

Champions Online’s Cryptic says it’ll ‘start exploring more inclusive customization options’

Over the weekend, a Champions Online player tipped us off to a conversation on the game's official forums in which players are chronicling their...