Lost Skies’ latest dev blog looks at exploding ship parts, island updates, and a utility item in action


We’ll start by pointing out that, no, Bossa Studios’ developing PvE survivalbox Lost Skies still has no timeline for testing or release. What it does have instead is another progress report dev blog that grants players a look at the self-described pre-alpha state of the game.

The post opens by addressing that earlier referenced elephant in the room. “Alas, we’re not quite ready to show it off in its entirety yet (you only get one chance to make a good first impression afterall!) but we’re edging ever closer,” the blog admits. “[W]e think that a lot of people would be surprised by just how much progress is being made, if they could see the game being played today.”

With that in mind, much of the post focuses in on how ship parts look while they’re on fire or exploding, some previews of dev-crafted islands including a tutorial area meant to teach the mechanics of the grappling hook, a first look at some of the game’s physics-based puzzles, and a focus on the Atlas lifter that players can attach to heavy items to make them temporarily float.

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