Terraria shows off visible fish for PC and a spectator mode for console and mobile


When fishing in real life, you can’t see what you’re doing or where the fish are at all times, meaning you have to cast your line out into the depths and use a combination of equipment, trickery, observation, and some blind luck in order to snare a catch. But who needs realism in the side-scrolling sandbox Terraria? Certainly not developer Re-Logic, which is why one of the features showcased for update 1.4.5 on PC will bring visible fish. “We are not sure how the fish in Terraria stayed invisible all this time, but now you can see what you might be reeling in while fishing,” reads the preview.

In addition to the fishing tweak, the PC version preview showed off a new visual filter that covers the screen in scan lines in order to simulate playing the game on a CTR monitor. Kids, if you don’t know what that is, ask your parents.

Meanwhile, the latest state of the game address provided a look at a new spectator mode coming to the console and mobile versions of the game, along with word that the cross-play functionality that was confirmed as in-development in October still appears to be on track for a release sometime next year after update 1.4.5 goes live. The rest of the newsletter otherwise shows off player creations, merch, and more board game pieces.

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