Embers Adrift plans to celebrate its first anniversary with GM events, a free weekend, and alchemy details


Sunday, October 15th, will mark the first full year of operation for Embers Adrift, which means that Stormhaven Studios is readying to celebrate the milestone. In the latest state of the game address, the studio promises some unique GM-led events, an announcement of dates for the game’s net free weekend, and some more details about the still-developing alchemy system. The post also notes that today, September 5th, will see a hotfix applied that seeks to make mob difficulty just a little bit easier.

The vast majority of the post otherwise talks up the updates made to the MMORPG over the past month and beseeches new and returning players to take a second look at the game, while also thanking existing players for their support and feedback.

On the subject of feedback, Embers’ CM Elloa discussed feedback as part of her regular video series, where she talks up how player feedback has seen the sandbox evolve and asks players to use the QA server to submit their impressions. She also reiterates plans for a monthly playtest with the dev team on the QA server.

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