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Studio behind Saga of Lucimia.

Embers Adrift adds a new alpine zone, defends its decision to deploy quests without XP

Just days before the closing of the month, Embers Adrift pumped out its November patch with some hearty content to enjoy. A brand-new zone,...
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PSA: Embers Adrift is adding temporary subscription perks to all current owners of the game

Do you own a copy of Embers Adrift but still aren't sure about whether the subscription benefits added over this past summer are for...

Embers Adrift releases new hair, alchemy, and a roadmap for the rest of 2023

Embers Adrift isn't resting on its laurels Halloween week like so many other MMOs: It's pumped out a new patch to bolster its ongoing...

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Massively OP Podcast Episode 441: A Blizzard trick or treat

Justin and Bree discuss MMO Halloween events, Microsoft's Activision-Blizzard acquisition, WoW Classic's LFD, Embers Adrift, and Ship of Heroes, with adventures in LOTRO, New World, and WoW Classic, plus a mailbag topic on the potential for WoW on console and Gamepass.

Embers Adrift goes free through November 5th for its first anniversary

The first anniversary for indie MMO Embers Adrift arrives this month, and Stormhaven Studios is capitalizing on the moment to entice players to its...
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Embers Adrift opens up subscription perks to all for its anniversary event

It's already been just about a year since Embers Adrift first reached launch, and that's something to celebrate for any MMO. Even more so...

Embers Adrift encourages new and lapsed players to login for its first anniversary

Embers Adrift is going to be marking its first anniversary this month, and the devs at Stormhaven Studios would really, really like players to...

Embers Adrift adds crafting dyes and patterns while readying its alchemy system

As Embers Adrift works on a new alchemy system for the near future, its September patch arrived with a whole lot of bug fixes...

Embers Adrift shows off gameplay from its new Blightroot Grove ember vein

With a free-to-play option and plenty of quality-of-life and content patches since last year's launch, Embers Adrift might be worth a second chance for...

Embers Adrift plans to celebrate its first anniversary with GM events, a free weekend, and alchemy details

Sunday, October 15th, will mark the first full year of operation for Embers Adrift, which means that Stormhaven Studios is readying to celebrate the...

Embers Adrift’s August patch improves ‘combat feels’ and adds the hunting log

Power of the Ember Veins: That's the name of this month's patch offering from Embers Adrift. Yesterday's update to the indie MMO may not...

Embers Adrift readies a hunting log for bloodthirsty grinders

In a new developer video, Embers Adrift teased players with a new feature coming to the game soon: the hunting log. When this goes...

Embers Adrift discusses work on a hunting log and faster combat abilities

Embers Adrift is once more placing its CM Elloa in front of a camera to showcase the latest work for the sandbox MMORPG, as...

Embers Adrift would ‘greatly appreciate’ if you subscribe to it after B2P switch

In a post-patch wrap-up, Embers Adrift's executive producer made a pitch for players to subscribe even after the indie MMORPG went buy-to-play last month. "Now...
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Embers Adrift welcomes The King’s Keep update with new trailer

It's patch time for the indie PvE MMO Embers Adrift, as the game updated on July 25th to include The King's Keep. This content...

Embers Adrift readies its buy-to-play shift with testing of subscriber features and new zone

The beginning of this month saw Embers Adrift decide to give up the subscriber-only drum-beating and switch over to a buy-to-play model with an...