Embers Adrift previews new dungeons, new raid, and a beetle creature arriving May 28

Beetle hyyyyype


It’s said that April showers bring May flowers, but in the case of Embers Adrift, the month of May — specifically May 28th — is bringing a bunch of new things in its next content update, including the introduction of a horrible beetle monster. We’re not sure what kind of April showers spring those kinds of things forth, but it’s probably best we don’t think about that.

The upcoming content patch got its own teaser trailer this week, showcasing the aforementioned Scarabax monster, two new dungeons in the form of the solo Osric’s Rest and the group-centric Dryfoot Fortress, and a new raid encounter with the Emerald Queen, which is a giant Scarabax. Because of course it is.

The patch is also introducing new mechanical updates such as “new dungeon mechanics” that appear to be related to switches opening doors and new raid tech that allows 24 players to group up and share raid loot. Obviously none of this is new to the MMORPG genre, but they are new to Embers. The beetle beasties aren’t the most common sight for sure.

source: YouTube
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