New World is already hotfixing bugs out of Season of the Guardian


“I hope just this once it’s flawless,” I said yesterday morning as the New World servers were finally coming back online with Season of the Guardian in tow. “Wouldn’t that just be the best headline?” Even so, we were nervous to see whether Amazon would really have mopped up all the bugs to make the launch as clean as the delay suggested, and… well, it wasn’t.

Players immediately began complaining about a long list of problems in the patch: running looks weird, mounts in OPR being OP, map issues, controller wonkiness, gear debug code, and whatever is happening with faces. Perhaps the worst is that some folks just don’t actually like the way combat feels under the new Slayer Script system, to the point that one player proposed euthanasia. The Steam forums are even more angry, focusing on player count (barely a blip on the peak concurrency chart), healing, and controllers. Weirdly, the Discord is grumpy but slightly more understanding.

This morning’s patch-up did include fixes for some of the more egregious problems; Amazon says it fixed the super fast machine-gun bow attacks, perk debug text, and “an issue where Sacred Ground locked onto nearby players even with Targeted Healing turned off in settings.”

Source: Twitter
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