LOTRO preps T4 Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo, DDO fixes Fred’s First Date


Standing Stone Games traditionally patches its MMORPGs on Wednesdays, so it’s no surprise that Lord of the Rings Online and Dungeons and Dragons Online are both dropping updates today, however small they might be.

In DDO, update 67.1 chiefly fixes bugs, addressing VIP unlocks, Fred’s First Date, a few drop and quest issues, and cash-shop feedback.

In LOTRO, update 39.1.2 is a bit larger, as it preps tomorrow’s release of the tier 4 Depths of Mâkhda Khorbo. The studio did quite a bit of retooling and fixing in that raid, most notably nerfing tentacles. We also spy a brief list of class fixes and a few tweaks for the cursed Forester event (it won’t be spamming everyone now, at least).

In other LOTRO news, if you missed Orion’s stint on the weekly video last weekend, it’s finally up on YouTube; among other things, he discussed the player population imbalances in different level brackets and ways to smooth them all out.

Source: LOTRO, DDO
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