Cozy MMO Sky Children of the Light launches F2P early access on Steam today


Thatgamecompany’s five-year-old Sky: Children of the Light officially debuts on PC today, one of the rare few multiplayer titles these days that seems to proudly bear the term MMO. Oh, and it also isn’t trying to hide that it’s in free-to-play early access. Wild stuff.

“[T]hatgamecompany’s beloved MMO arrives on Steam today complete with cross-play and cross-platform progression,” the studio announced today, referring to the game’s existence on mobile, PS4, and Switch. “Sky is thatgamecompany’s critically acclaimed cooperative MMO that builds on its prior innovative multiplayer games Journey, Flower and Flow.” The Steam launch coincides with the release of updated visual as well as the Season of Nesting update, which technically kicks off this weekend and introduces fleshed-out housing.

“The expansion to Steam opens up the Sky community to even more cross-play and cross-progression with players on other platforms. And with the PC visuals boasting 4K resolution and offering more control options, the enhanced playing experience has come at the perfect time. The upcoming ‘Season of Nesting,’ running April 15th through June 30th, will fulfill fans’ long-time request to design their own personal home space! The new season will feature furniture, props and decor in the newly added Furniture Shop in Aviary Village, and privacy settings will allow players to welcome friends for a visit, too, if they’re feeling social. They can throw a chill house party, hang out a cozy nook, or even build a chaotic jungle gym!”

Source: Press release, Steam
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