ArcheAge’s player-run rogue servers are booming as the retail MMORPG’s sunset is looming


Now that fans of ArcheAge know for certain that their sandbox will be shutting down in June, there are some who are perhaps looking to the emulation and rogue server communities to keep living in their preferred game world. It’s with those folks in mind that we have decided to circle back and see how things are doing for two of the larger such servers: AA Classic and ArcheRage.

We’ll begin with AA Classic, which has mostly put its latest news in Discord: The rogue server’s operators ran a boost event this past weekend as well as a promotion for donators to the server’s operation and an information page specifically tailored for retail players. The game has been otherwise making semi-regular updates, the largest of which being last week’s Berserker’s Awakening update.

As for ArcheRage, that rogue server has been busy as well, with several events and updates through the month of April and even a “starting event” this past Saturday where players had to hunt a big spooky dragon. That rogue server also has an information ticker on its home site, which lists over 150K registered accounts and over 1000 guilds.

sources: AA Classic Discord, AA Classic wiki (1, 2), ArcheRage forums (1, 2), ArcheRage site
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