In the MMO genre, an emulator is a playable, private version of an MMO run by players independent of a game studio. Both sunsetted and extant games are emulated with varying degrees of moral and technical support from the community and the studios; some develop their games better than the original and even attempt to charge fees or take donations. Despite the claims of emulator runners, private emulators are generally illegal under DMCA laws and violate the terms of service of most online games, but some studios and many players choose to look the other way.

The Daily Grind: When do you consider an MMO to be truly ‘dead’?

Back in February, MOP's Eliot penned a piece about the different types of MMO sunsets. I want to follow this thinking further and talk...

Korean Elyon fans have already created a rogue server of the shuttered MMORPG

Fans of Elyon in both Korea and the west were basically being kicked out of the MMORPG by Kakao Games, with a December sunset...

The Daily Grind: What’s the oldest MMO you tried super late in its lifetime?

Earlier this month, an MOP reader tweeted about trying Dark Age of Camelot for the first time in 2023 and falling in love, which...

Toontown Online emu operators announce the return of an in-person fan convention for the MMO’s 20th anniversary

All emulators and rogue servers for MMOs are passion projects of a game's fanbase, but there are arguably few fanbases that are as passionate...

Star Wars Galaxies Legends suffers weekend crash and downtime caused by a software vulnerability

The rogue server Star Wars Galaxies Legends has had a very rough weekend. This past Friday saw the main Omega server suddenly go dark...
Probably more friendly than Dragon's Catma.

Fans are reviving – and localizing – the long-shuttered Dragon’s Dogma MMO from Japan

Most people likely only know about Dragon's Dogma as the source of a rad song that's been featured in memes. Few folks probably know...

Project Visitor, the emulator of Sega’s 10Six, is still going strong after six years

We're dipping deep into antiquity with this question: Who here remembers 10Six? If you don't, that's all right because we unearthed it back in...

Asheron’s Call rogue servers add playable Olthoi from the MMO’s 11th anniversary

One of Asheron's Call's most iconic entries in its fantasy bestiary is now playable (again). AsheronDB is reporting that ACE-compatible rogue servers added back...

Star Wars Galaxies emu Dark Rebellion uses integrated D20 systems for ‘complex and immersive adventures’

Roleplaying in MMORPGs is very often an additive experience that's hammered into the existing framework of the game, not baked in to its entire...

EverQuest Online Adventures rogue server project is ‘very active’ as it develops three shards

It's now been a full decade since EverQuest Online Adventures closed up shop after a nine-year run in 2012. The PlayStation 2 MMORPG released...
This took some work.

The Game Archaeologist: Wizardry Online, the short-lived permadeath MMO

While the Wizardry series may not have the cultural cache that Ultima or Final Fantasy ended up with, nevertheless the dungeon crawling RPG series...

Star Wars Galaxies rogue server Empire in Flames kicks off the Taanab Harvest event

Who wouldn't want to work temporarily for a farming co-op with the looming threat of "escalating danger"? That's the elevator pitch for the Taanab...

SWGEmu sunsets the original Basilisk server, but Finalizer is going strong

One of Star Wars Galaxies' oldest emulator projects bid farewell to a long-running test server this past weekend. SWGEmu announced that it took the...

Global Chat: Landing boots on WoW Classic’s Wrath shores

With WoW Classic's Wrath expansion officially out, plenty of veterans of the Northrend Wars of '08 returned for another tour of duty. Among these...
Now, this is important to state: I would also like more robots.

After weeks of teasing, the City of Heroes SEGS Engine project has released its ‘very alpha’ build

Over the past while we've been covering the progress of the Super Entity Game Server (SEGS) Engine, a fan-run project that's trying to rewrite...

Copyright lawsuit over Shin Megami Tensei MMO brings rogue server project to a halt

We're not sure how many of our readers recall that the RPG series Megami Tensei had an MMORPG, but it did. It was called...

Global Chat: How is WildStar’s rogue server doing?

Plenty of people both here on Massively OP and out in the MMORPG community continue to hold a torch for the late, great WildStar....

One Shots: I’m lost in her eyes, send help

Today we need to issue a serious warning about our first One Shots: Those who scroll to the full color image may find themselves...

Middle-earth Enterprises sends cease-and-desist letter to LOTRO rogue server project

Some Lord of the Rings Online players may have been aware of an unofficial rogue server project that was set to release this month...

Fan site compiles a list of every MMORPG rogue server and emulator still running

Not every emulator project is as popular or as well known as Star Wars Galaxies Legends or City of Heroes Homecoming. To help bring...