Shards-powered CODEX wants to ‘change the way we play massively multiplayer games’


You may recall that one of the goals of Citadel Studio in creating Legends of Aria was developing the flexible Shards Engine to allow players and other studios to fashion their own online worlds. One such project has emerged on the scene: an MMO named CODEX that wants to “change the way we play massively multiplayer games.”

It is pleased to meet you.

CODEX is a seasonal multiplayer fantasy game that has beginnings, middles, and ends: “A shared world adventure is a massively multiplayer game which combines modern MMO adventures with classic MMO roleplaying features. We abandon absolute persistence in favor of social and shared story telling through unique and exclusive seasonal content. All great adventures must have an end.”

A “prologue” season of CODEX is kicking off on August 19th for curious players to try. It will offer the first 15 levels of gameplay with the Fighter, Mage, Prophet, and Artisan classes. Anyone can play for free up to level 5 (and the first zone), with further progress locked behind a one-time purchase. Past the prologue, there is no set launch date or window for the MMO.

Source: CODEX. Thanks Sargon!
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