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Legends of Aria sends players on a treasure hunt in its Relics of the Ancients event

The hunt will soon be on in Citadel Studios's moddable sandbox MMO Legends of Aria, which has just announced its upcoming Relic...
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Interview: Legends of Aria’s dungeon expansion, early access, ganking, housing, and cash shop philosophy

Indie old-school sandbox MMORPG Legends of Aria has become a household name among MMO players over the last few months, first rolling into...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 207: Bunny girls throughout Eorzea

Justin and Bree discuss Final Fantasy XIV, Guild Wars 2, Legends of Aria, RuneScape, Elder Scrolls Online, LOTRO, and Warframe, with mailbag topics on MMO endgames and battle royale modes in MMOs.
Good thing this isn't ever predatory or awful in the real world and thus should totally be brought over, huh?

Legends of Aria pulls controversial item from in-game store as dungeon patch and anti-gank spell go live

This week we've been covering the unfolding concern over Legends of Aria's newly instituted in-game store, specifically the release of a power...

Legends of Aria players grumble over perceived pay-to-win items in new cash shop

Yesterday, Legends of Aria players were startled to see the new cash-shop in the early access version of the game. Upsetting players...
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Legends of Aria’s Steam early access launch is now slated for spring

The testing through early access continues for Legends of Aria, and that includes figuring out the schedule for the game's patches and ultimate release....

Exclusive: Legends of Aria previews its first major content of 2019

We've had our eye on Legends of Aria since, well, long before it was called Legends of Aria, meaning we've been watching the...

Make My MMO: The biggest MMO crowdfunding news of 2018

Welcome to a special edition of Make My MMO, Massively OP's regular recap of what's going on in crowdfunded MMOs, which we do...
leave my dagron alone

Legends of Aria previews upcoming content in first developer’s letter of 2019

In-development sandbox MMO Legends of Aria has high hopes for 2019, if the year's first letter from Project Lead Derek "Supreem" Brinkmann is...
oh the pain, the pain

Legends of Aria discusses early access ‘growing pains’ while hotfixes keep rolling

It's been a rough ride for Legends of Aria in early access, something that the game's most recent newsletter acknowledged; the game was

Perfect Ten: MMOs to watch in 2019

The MMO genre is in a strange and uncertain place right now -- but also one that is quietly thrilling. We've long passed the...

Legends of Aria AMA covers sandbox endgame, difficulty, balancing, and future content

Yesterday, devs from Citadel Studios zipped over to Reddit for an AMA all about Legends of Aria, which MMO players will recall just recently hit early access off-steam. Studio boss Derek "Supreem" Brinkmann and lead game designer Jeffrey "Miphon" Edwards sat for questions from the MMORPG sub. While the AMA continues today, here are some of the notable answers posted yesterday:
oh the pain, the pain

Legends of Aria pushes off Steam early access launch into 2019

So for Legends of Aria this afternoon, there's good news and bad news. The good news is that general early access is still happening:...
Where am I? No one gets to know.

Legends of Aria resets karma system ahead of tomorrow’s early access launch

With its early access launch happening on Steam tomorrowday, Legends of Aria has been shoring up its headstart. A "high volume of...

Massively OP Podcast Episode 198: Manatee… in… spaaace!

Justin and Bree discuss Blizzard, LOTRO, Fallout 76, Star Citizen, H1Z1, City of Heroes, Elite Dangerous, Legends of Aria, and computer upgrades.

The Stream Team: Legends of Aria’s head start!

Alphas are done. Betas are now. Now, we wait for Legends of Aria's Steam Early Access launch -- unless you are in the head...

Massively Overthinking: The MMO things we’re grateful for

Call it sappy, but I'm gonna stop joking about turkey and emptying my wallet on Steam for a sec for tonight's Overthinking. It's Thanksgiving, and we've got some thanking to do.

Legends of Aria is open to all gamers to test freely this weekend

If you're struggling to find something new and MMOsy to play this holiday, maybe give Legends of Aria a go. The classic-inspired MMORPG...
Good thing this isn't ever predatory or awful in the real world and thus should totally be brought over, huh?

Legends of Aria will let you own land and rent it out for other people’s houses

The big selling point for Legends of Aria's housing is that the system does not actually require you to build a house...

Massively Overthinking: Which MMORPG should have never been made?

This could be a gruesome topic, but it popped into my head after GIbiz published an article with advice for game developers from Melbourne Games....