NetEase’s Once Human throws players into a ‘weird’ post-apocalyptic survival situation


Just because the world as you know it has ended doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun. In fact, it can even revel in being as weird as it wants to be.

That’s sort of the idea behind Once Human, an upcoming “New Weird” survival game from NetEase. The premise is that a door that shouldn’t have been opened was, and out of it came a lot of monsters and mutating horror. Players will embark into a world where humans are in the minority and don’t stand much of a chance to survive for long. But hey, maybe it’ll be different for you.

Once Human will boast both a PvE and PvP mode, each with home bases, gathering, crafting, and what looks to be a whole honking load of shooting. NetEase opened up pre-registrations for the title this past week and said that it should making a PC launch date announcement “soon.”

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