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Once Human’s latest maintenance runs afoul of a ‘critical bug’ as players report missing items and ruined bases

At this point, reading that NetEase's survival shooter Once Human is facing technical issues probably feels like "water is wet"-level news, but indeed the...

Once Human addresses issues with limited characters and overpopulated servers

The launch woes for Once Human don't appear to be easing anytime soon, and in fact one could argue that they're getting worse as...

Player numbers for Once Human continue to climb as limited seasons ignite friction

NetEase's survival shooter Once Human continues to make a significant and surprising splash in the multiplayer gaming world, as this weekend has seen player...

NetEase’s post-apoc survival MMO Once Human is live – and already tearing up Steam

NetEase has been extremely busy the last few years, cranking out games and picking up studios to make more for what it apparently thinks...

Once Human claims to have taken the ‘Triple Crown’ on Steam with wishlist numbers and demo players

Can you win at being on Steam? If you ask NetEase, the answer is not only "yes," but it's also followed up with, "and...

SGF 2024: Hands-on with NCsoft’s long-awaited Throne and Liberty, launching September 17

Most of the games I played at Summer Game Fest were more enjoyable than I expected - including Throne and Liberty, which was probably...
I'm cranky. This is a cranky day.

Betawatch: Tarisland gets an early start in China

Huh, are we really almost there with Tarisland? The game is already out in China, and it's launching worldwide next week, complete with Lady...

SGF 2024: Hands-on with PvE-centric sci-fi horror survival shooter MMO Once Human

For those who saw Once Human and thought, "Gee, that kind of looks like a mix of H1Z1 and The Secret World," you're not wrong based on...

Summer Game Fest 2024: New World, Dune Awakening, Palworld, and more MMO reveals

Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest - aka not-E3 - is set to begin this evening at 5 p.m. EDT, and if you've been following...

NetEase’s post-apoc survival shooter Once Human opens mobile pre-registration

If you've been hoping to experience some SCP-style weirdness on your mobile device, then you'll be happy to note that the post-apocalyptic survival shooter...

Once Human finally enters its latest closed beta for PC after a couple of delays

After a rescheduling and then a day-of false start, the PC multiplayer closed beta for the post-apocalypse survival shooter Once Human has begun at...

Post-apoc multiplayer shooter Once Human launches its multiplayer beta on PC today

Over the past couple of years we've kept a weather eye on Once Human, a multiplayer post-apocalyptic survival shooter from NetEase-owned Starry Studio that...

Freaky shooter Once Human aims for a multiplayer beta next month

Just because the world has ended in such mind-boggling horror that it would erode your very soul doesn't mean you can't grab a good...

Post-apoc shooter Once Human aims for 20,000 players with this month’s closed beta

Not every magical door opens into Narnia; in fact, some portals should never be breached. Such is the premise of Once Human, a post-apocalyptic...
One convenient location.

Betawatch: The Wagadu Chronicles heads to early access on December 4

It's happening, folks: The Wagadu Chronicles is heading into early access on December 4th, just like the headline says. That means you'll get your...

MMOs You’ve Never Heard Of: TrinityS, Once Human, Wild Country, Second Wave, Cyborg Immortal

Welcome back to another quick trip through news and announcement for some MMOs and other multiplayer titles you've probably never heard of! TrinityS - This...
So snipe.

Betawatch: Blue Protocol launches in spring 2023 in Japan

Well, after an unusually quiet span of time, Blue Protocol is approaching an actual launch. It's launching in early spring of 2023 in Japan,...

NetEase’s survivalbox Once Human readies a November beta test and projects a Q4 2023 launch window

Back in June we were aimed in the direction of Once Human, a multiplayer survival sandbox from developer Starry Studio and publisher NetEase that...

NetEase’s Once Human throws players into a ‘weird’ post-apocalyptic survival situation

Just because the world as you know it has ended doesn't mean it has to be any less fun. In fact, it can even...