Order and Chaos franchise returns with Guardians, a team-based RPG with ‘MMO-style advancement’


To channel the spirit of one Obi-Wan Kenobi, “Now that’s a name I haven’t heard for a long time. A long time.”

The name in question is Order and Chaos, which was one of the first mobile MMOs (and a blatant World of Warcraft rip-off) from 2011. Order and Chaos Online was followed by the lackluster Order and Chaos 2 in 2015, but that wasn’t the end for this franchise. In fact, NetEase and Gameloft announced this past week that it’s bringing the third game in the series, Order and Chaos: Guardians, to mobile this month.

“InĀ Order and Chaos: Guardians, players will form adventuring parties consisting of powerful mages, skilled rangers, magical beasts, mighty warriors, and more. Heroes of different races and classes from the Order and Chaos universe — each with their own distinct basic attributes — can be recruited and cultivated through a mixture of exploring monster-filled dungeons, challenging boss battles, and fighting other player-created squads.”

What appears to be a multiplayer experience will nevertheless involve guilds, “in-depth MMO-style character advancement,” and offline advancement. Order and Chaos: Guardians will kick off its Android beta on January 24th, with a full launch on all mobile platforms later this year.

Source: Press release
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