thatgamecompany’s multiplayer adventure Sky: Children of the Light is coming to PS4 and Nintendo Switch


Some of my fondest multiplayer memories came from the PS3 game Journey, which came from the devs at thatgamecompany, who were responsible for similarly artistic titles like Flower and Flow. They also, apparently, are responsible for Sky: Children of the Light, a multiplayer adventure game for iOS that tasks players with spreading light through a desolate kingdom and bringing fallen stars back to their constellations.

The game focuses on cooperation, allowing players to explore realms together and offering social features like chat, the ability to play music together, and the ability to gift candles of light to grow friendship and unlock new interactions with one another. It sounds very much like Journey but at an MMO scale, and it won an award as iPhone’s 2019 Game of the Year.

If all of that sounds lovely but you’re not an iPhone owner, then fear not: The game is reportedly headed to other platforms soon, with plans to arrive to the PlayStation 4 and the Nintendo Switch. thatgamecompany co-founder and creative director Jenova Chen confirmed the game’s arrival to the consoles in an interview with MCV. “Our game runs on iPad, on PC, it will run on console in the future. Android [should come] within a month. In the future, it’s going to cross all platforms. And whether you have PlayStation or Switch we will support crossplay,” said Chen in the piece.

The article does not elaborate on when Sky will make it to consoles or PC, but the game’s iOS version is still seeing active content updates in the form of Seasons and pre-registration for the Android version is currently available. You can get a taste of what this game is all about in the gameplay video below.

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