Sky Children of the Light begins a ‘multi-year development plan’ for a permanent multiplayer town center


Sky: Children of the Light continues to beat the large-scale multiplayer drum in its updates, especially since they’re the source of a lot of communal good feelings as well as record-breaking events. It’s that sense of community and festival atmosphere that’s driving the Season of Revival, an update focused on making a permanent town center hangout that’s noted by developer thatgamecompany as “the first step in a multi-year development plan” to craft “a permanent town center where players can regularly experience the warm festival feelings we’re so fond of.”

The new season, which runs between October 16th and December 31st, is all about creating the town center of Aviary Village while enjoying new outfits, helping spirits, attending fireworks shows, and more. All seasonal content is available to all players, but those who buy a $10 season pass will also get to unlock seasonal items and ultimate gifts.

The update that brings the new season will also bring an update to events that offers current and previous year’s items in order to make things feel less overwhelming, while any other items from later years will be made available on a separate schedule from the related event. This new event item implementation will begin with this year’s Days of Mischief.

Meanwhile, the PC version of the multiplayer title still has no release date, but it did get that much closer to being a real thing as the game offered a demo during this month’s Steam Next Fest, an event that the devs celebrated with a bunch of concept art.

sources: press release, official site, Steam
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