The Division 2 applies several fixes to its Paradise Lost Incursion mission in latest patch


Regular players of The Division 2 were likely happy to see that the latest season brought back Incursion endgame missions among other things. What they likely weren’t happy to see is that the season’s first Incursion, Paradise Lost, also arrived with a bunch of bugs. Hopefully they’ll now be happy to see the latest patch notes that outline several fixes to this mission.

The update specifically fixes the mission’s weekly chest not resetting as intended, halts the mission being soft-locked at a certain point, caps damage to certain bosses in order to prevent them from being one-shot, and addresses problems with open world difficulty scaling, active directives, final boss chest drops (that were apparently too generous), and leaderboards.

On the subject of the Incursion weekly chest, players who have multiple keys will be ale to open the chest as often as they like, provided they still have keys in their inventory. As patches go, this one can probably be classed as small but mighty, ideally.

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