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Ubisoft hits its Q3 earnings targets while betting big on The Division 2

Here's the bad news from the latest Ubisoft earnings call: The company's profits are down year-over-year. But that's about it in terms of bad...
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The Division 2 announces its open beta starting on March 1

Everything old is new again, and The Division 2 is following in the footsteps of its predecessor with the addition of an...

The Division 2 is getting a public beta but fails to match its predecessor’s streaming numbers

If you remember the lead-up to launch for The Division, you'll recall that the game sported a private beta followed by an open beta....

The Division 2’s private beta test is underway through next week

You've heard of an open beta, you've heard of a closed beta, but what the heck is a "private beta?" Sounds a little iffy,...
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The Division 2 shares more story and endgame details ahead of its February 7 beta

The first real beta test for The Division 2 kicks off on February 7th, but fans have got some new compiled information about...

Ubisoft apologizes for boorish shutdown reference as Division 2 looks ahead to private beta

Back in October, Ubisoft made the bold claim that it was actively avoiding becoming "openly political in games," specifically referring to

The Division 2 encourages players to get greedy with new Dark Zone mechanics

We're only a couple of months out from the release of Ubisoft's MMO third-person-shooter The Division 2, which will be bringing with...

The Division 2’s Steam landing page is nuked as Ubisoft joins team Epic Games Store

The Epic Games Store vs. Valve (vs. Discord vs. GOG, we suppose) showdown just got a bit more interesting. Readers will recall that in...

Global Chat: Little things that add up to a great MMO

Ever find yourself running down a list of "little things" that impress you and keep you busy in an MMO when you're trying to...
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The Division 2 is hosting its first technical alpha test this weekend

Although Ubisoft's upcoming MMO shooter The Division 2 isn't set to launch until March of next year, some lucky players will be...
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The Division 2 details its skills meant to change up gameplay

There's a lot going on in The Division 2, but maybe you don't care about that; you just want to know the different ways...
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Ubisoft claims that it ‘cannot be openly political’ in The Division

Gosh, this is one heck of a sentiment. Ubisoft's COO, Alf Condelius, recently spoke at the Sweden Game Conference and claimed that it...

Ubisoft previews The Division 2’s overhauled weapons systems

In all the buzz around Destiny 2 and Anthem, you'd be forgiven for having forgotten that The Division 2 is still on the...
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Black Desert and The Division are both free to play this weekend on Steam

There was a time when it was rare to be able to try out an MMO without buying it, but these days the majority...
Seriously, label your garbage.

Gamescom 2018: The Division 2 reveals its special edition pre-orders and trailer while fans speculate on price

If you want to play The Division 2 ahead of its proper release date, you'd better be prepared to drop some money.
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BioWare explains more about Anthem’s split between MMO and single-player portions

Is Anthem a single-player game or an open-world MMO? The short answer is that it's both, but the split is a bit different...

The Cycle is a PvEvP ‘shooter with a twist’ that bucks the battle royale trend

Berlin-based studio YAGER recently took the wraps off The Cycle, a "first-person shooter with a twist" that somehow looks a lot like a...

Ubisoft believes The Crew 2 is performing as well as The Crew – ‘its digital performance is outperforming’

The Crew 2 might be struggling to garner praise on Steam, where its beta ratings were poor and its post-launch reviews are merely...
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The Division 2 won’t force you to group if you don’t wanna

With The Division 2 on the way for next year, fans of the series are trying to get a handle on just how...
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The Divison’s new Shields are all about earning rewards for the sequel

When people know the sequel to their current MMO is coming out, they tend to be less inclined to complete in-game challenges in the...