The Division 2 delays its next season and elongates the length of all seasons


So there’s good news and bad news for The Division 2 players today. The good news is that Ubisoft isn’t abandoning you! The bad news is that it’s lengthening seasons – all seasons – and effectively delaying the start of season 2 to October. If maintained long-term, this has the obvious effect of reducing the number of seasons per year to three.

“In our ongoing commitment to enhance your gaming experience, we have decided to extend the duration of each season to four months,” the studio announced on Twitter. “Season 2 will now start in October. This change allows us to allocate more time and resources so we can make technical improvements to the game alongside the seasonal content you expect.”

Deeper in the comments of the thread, Ubisoft admits that the next DLC “won’t be coming out this year,” that the company is working on an updated roadmap, and that it aims to add more global events for the current season in September. Players should also be able to access the PTR for the next season next month.

Source: Twitter
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