Free-to-play PvPvE shooter The Division Heartland confirms closed beta test for PC on June 27


Back in May 2021, Ubisoft unloaded a whole slew of plans for its shooter series The Division, including the reveal of The Division Heartland, a free-to-play PvPvE version of the game that focuses on completing missions during the day, then surviving shifting contamination, enemy NPCs, and player squads at night. News of the game otherwise was sporadic except for some leaked footage of a closed test and plans for a closed beta on PC sometime this year.

We now know precisely when “sometime this year” is, as the game has confirmed a start date of Tuesday, June 27th, for the PC-only closed test. This beta will be for residents in the US, Canada, and Mexico and will be under an NDA. The length of the test wasn’t specified, but the announcement video does mention it will be ongoing “over the next several weeks,” with invite waves expanding as the test moves forward. Those who haven’t registered already can do so now, while those who have registered previously are advised to keep eyes on their inbox.

In other Division-related news, The Division 2 has had a fixer-upper patch applied that addresses multiple issues related to gear, UI, Descent mode, and raids. It’s not bringing anything particularly new, but it does appear to have crushed a number of problems that otherwise have been in the shooter.

sources: YouTube, Trello
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