Zenith adds a new area to Skyland with new monsters and new pets in latest minor patch


VR MMORPG Zenith got itself a minor content patch last week, and if you’re currently running around the Skyland area that was introduced last month, then you’ve got a few more goodies to look forward to.

The primary feature of this patch is an expansion of the Skyland zone, with a new area now open to explore. This extra location has also added two new enemies in the form of the Exiled Spellcaster and Exiled Shieldbearer, a new Rockcroach and its Dazzling variant to turn into a pet, and the Springbo pet that was part of the Skyward Summit’s pre-release event. Because who wouldn’t want a roach as a pet?

In addition to the new Skyland area, the patch has applied some fixes, made a couple of enemy balance adjustments, and changed some player stats while they’re in the new Skyland zone. The patch notes are from a recent public test, but they’re also the final notes considering Ramen VR has linked to them in an announcement tweet. This is just how the studio does patch notes.

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