Aion EU adds amulets, Aion Classic EU grants a free bundle of goodies


While the launch of Aion Classic in Europe has received the most attention this past spring, it is prudent not to forget that regular ol’ Aion is still running in the region. And it’s this older edition of the MMO that received a content patch on June 21st with ultimate transformations for both Vaizel and Triniel and a new type of seasonal item — amulets — that can be upgraded.

“Amulets have buffs that can be activated and which vary in strength depending on the level and can only be used in Aphsaranta,” said Gameforge.

The patch also launched the Lahmu Corps’ Air Raid in Aphsaranta, which rewards upgrade items for the aforementioned amulets.

But since we’re in the neighborhood, let’s speak of Aion Classic for a hot minute. Gameforge praised the “stable gameplay experience” of the title as of late and is handing out a free bundle to all players through June 28th. In addition to the free items, the legacy version is running several bonus events this summer.

Source: Patch notes
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