Aion Classic EU maps out the rest of 2023 while compensating players for DDOS outages


Gameforge has release a roadmap and dev blog for the EU version of Aion Classic this morning, talkng up the game’s success so far. “Shortly after the launch of the Atreia server, we had to open up the Tahabata server to meet the burgeoning demand,” the studio says. “We’re very proud of the fact that there are now two well-populated servers out there, both exhibiting a surprisingly healthy balance of Elyos and Asmodians!”

As for the roadmap itself, players can look forward to “Classic 2.0” around the end of July; that update will bump the level cap to 55 and add new PvE and PvP instances. The 2.4 patch hits in September with more instances and Arena of Glory, and then in “late 2023,” the 2.5 patch is on deck with… still more instances.

Of course, the overall western Aion community has been focused on the ongoing DDOS attacks on the game’s servers, both NCsoft’s NA servers and Gameforge’s EU servers. Over Memorial Day weekend, Gameforge acknowledged the situation across multiple tweets and posts, even offering compensation for retail and classic players. But while Gameforge apologized for what it characterized as only three days of issues, it has also admitted that the attackers are “now continuously targeting [the studio],” and players maintain that intermittent lag and outages have continued.

Source: Official site, Twitter, Discord. Cheers, Leiloni.
Apparently, the attacks continue.

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