Life is Feudal MMO returns under new management – and a testing subscription fee


For those who don’t remember Life is Feudal, it was a medieval-style simulator that was most notable for spawning multiple versions: an MMO, a small-scale multiplayer game, a town builder, and a Chinese MMO. Pretty much all of that got shut down a while back, with the MMO going dark in January 2021.

However, as we reported late last year, it looks like the property is under new ownership — and now that management has brought the Life is Feudal MMO back online for testing. Participation does come with two caveats: You’ll have to pony up a $20 subscription fee and be OK with a full wipe when the title transitions into launch.

It should be noted that the Malaysia-based studio, Long Tale Games, is a crypto and NFT enthusiast. “Be it future game-changing projects, fungible or non-fungible assets, we offer investors an extensive roster of opportunities,” the studio said on its company website.

“Our team is committed to preserving the core features of this beloved medieval survival simulator, and we are also prioritizing the support and development of standalone versions for the game, including those proposed or developed by the community,” Long Tale Games said.

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