Whatever happened to the Life is Feudal MMO?

It's still dead, but you can kinda play it in China


We understand that people miss a sunsetted MMO and are willing to go through a lot to revisit an old haunt, but sometimes the cost of doing so could be very steep. We bring this up because some players of Life is Feudal MMO have managed how to return to the game… and it’s by way of leaping through some pretty dodgy hoops in order to access the Chinese version.

As readers will recall, the LIF MMO announced a shutdown in December 2020 citing “reasons beyond its control,” causing a variety of players to offer some final farewells before servers went dark in January 2021. Somewhere along the way, publisher Bitbox Ltd. licensed out the MMO to Tiancity to launch the game in China.

For fans who deeply miss LIF MMO (and would rather not play the smaller-scale multiplayer Your Own or the town builder Forest Village), some folks have figured out a way to gain access to this Chinese version and assembled a Discord server with a tutorial, but doing so could land you in some legal hot water as it involves purchasing an account, spoofing a Chinese ID, or knowing someone in the country who can help you. So hey, at least the MMO lives on somewhere, but perhaps it’s better to play LIF YO instead.

sources: official Chinese website, Discord, thanks to Richard for the tip!
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