Life is Feudal MMO announces imminent closure, cites ‘reasons beyond [its] control’


Enjoy this Christmas, Life is Feudal, because it will be your last.

The Life is Feudal team made the shocking announcement on Friday that it will be shutting down the MMO version of the game on January 18th, 2021, about three years after the game’s launch. What’s bizarre is that this sunset doesn’t have anything to do with dwindling populations but rather a business deal gone sour.

The team cited that this move is being made for “reasons that are beyond our control” due to an unnamed company’s deal with the Life is Feudal team that put undue pressure on the game that the team wouldn’t agree to or be able to accept. Really, the whole situation is riddled with lack of specific details, probably for legal reasons.

“Recently we’ve received the communications from this company offering a certain deal,” the team explained. “After some negotiations, we’ve realized that this deal possesses certain risks for us, and we’re not interested in it. Thus, we’ve refused their offers. That is when things ‘went south.’ We’ve felt ourselves under great business, legal, and financial pressure. This pressure didn’t work. But it also means that, unfortunately, we can no longer pay for the servers, GM, and online support and, effectively, we cannot continue updating the game. There is nothing much we can do in this situation, and we’re simply forced to close the game.”

The team confirmed that the MMO version’s sunset won’t affect Life is Feudal: Your Own, Life is Feudal: Forest Village, and the Life is Feudal MMO that is being deployed in China.

Source: Life is Feudal. Thanks Robert, Laelgon, and Ammalis!
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